Şahinbey Industrial Site Will Set an Example for Specialization and Organized Working Spirit

One of the important projects of Şahinbey Municipality, Şahinbey Industrial Site, whose foundations were laid under the leadership of Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, is expected to be completed for a total of 400 days. & nbsp; The Şahinbey Industrial Site project is currently in execution, and it is aimed to move many tradesmen, including auto repairers working on the streets, houses and indoors and in unhealthy environments, to Şahinbey Industrial Site on 300 decares of land in Akkent, which will have a total closed area of ​​172.000m2. The industrial site, which will be located in 945 shops, will relieve both auto repairers, vehicle owners and Gaziantep traffic. & Nbsp; With this project, it is aimed that approximately 5,000 services working or owning a workplace in the auto industry sector will work for a healthier work.

Balpa İnşaat A.Ş., one of the MB Holding Companies, undertakes the construction of Şahinbey Industrial Estate, which is planned to be completed in a short time of 400 days. Chairman of the Board of Directors Muharrem Balat made the following evaluations about the project:

“Turkey is growing and developing to her, now being approached with the terms of her things from a new perspective. & nbsp; municipality and service concept also shows the nearest branch of positive change in Turkey has become one of them. & nbsp; Gaziantep is a very good example in this sense, we have very successful mayors who have changed the face and infrastructure of Gaziantep. & nbsp; This is also one of the most successful example of the new approach Şahinbey Municipality of Gaziantep and exhibits throughout Turkey. & Nbsp;

Şahinbey Mayor Mr. It was our fortune to build Şahinbey Industrial Site, one of the most important projects signed by Mehmet Tahmazoğlu. & Nbsp; We are working fast for the exam in a total of 400 days on this project that we care about and work meticulously. & Nbsp; So far Turkey have made many industries around the construction site, but let me tell you what this project lies more special for us. & Nbsp; There are many factors that make this project special for us and Gaziantep, the most important of which is that the project will bring together tradesmen who are active in a certain line of business. & nbsp; A large number of people will benefit from this project, which is not suitable for agriculture, does not contribute to the economy, and will offer a modern living space with its social areas while taking the burden of changing the location. & nbsp; With all these features, this project is a special project for us.

Thanks to specialization, it will be possible to create a cooperation, collective working spirit, especially among auto industrialists within the scope of this project. & nbsp; Perhaps new legends, new collaborations, new investments, new brands will be born in this industrial site. & nbsp; In the same neighborhood and good analysis. With the benefit of understanding, there will be a reduction in the utilization of joint workshops and machine equipment, thus reducing production costs. & Nbsp;

One of the most important elements that makes Şahinbey Industrial Site special is the way it is financed by Şahinbey Municipality. & nbsp; In this project, without burdening the state, financing was created with the municipality’s own means to reduce the life. The superior skill and success demonstrated by President Mr. Mehmet Tahmazoğlu are very important in the financing and implementation of the project. & nbsp; It is impossible not to wholeheartedly appreciate the President, who brought this project and many other projects to life. & nbsp;

In such projects, we should look at the person who made it, not the person who did it, but it is a great honor and pleasure for us to take part in such a project and to appear in the emergence of this work. “

Making evaluations about the project, Balat ended his remarks by stating that the Şahinbey Industrial Sites are planned to be delivered to the beneficiaries as the cover year 2013.