Baltaş Construction, operating under MB Holding, has received the tender for the construction of 717 houses and infrastructure and landscaping that will be built by the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) in the Umut District of Gaziantep Şehitkamil District.

Baltaş Construction, which has signed many universities, hospitals, industrial sites, mass housing, organized industrial sites, free zone construction, hydroelectric power plant, indoor sports hall, stadium and factory construction in Turkey and abroad, has signed another mass housing project. beats.

Baltaş Construction, which has hosted approximately 100 thousand people with 20 thousand houses until today, will soon realize the project it will build in the Umut District of Gaziantep Province Şehitkamil District. Baltaş, which builds earthquake-resistant houses with the tunnel formwork system, will contribute to the relief of the Gaziantep real estate market with 717 houses and to become the home owner of narrow, middle-income citizens.

MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat, in a statement on the subject, ” TOKI, Turkey’s restructuring, the development of modern urbanism in the country, the economy and employment, low-income citizens to own a house to our people in humanitarian conditions in earthquake-resistant houses and It is of great importance in terms of allowing them to live in safety. Especially the construction of new houses in our city, which is experiencing real estate shortages, and the affordable prices of these houses will be like medicine to our city. ” said.

Stating that the houses to be built will bring a new breath to Gaziantep; “Umut Mahallesi TOKİ houses, which will consist of 15 blocks and 717 flats, will also make a lot of noise with their landscaping and landscaping. Life in homes with modern lines will be comfortable and safe. Take a look at Gaziantep. above the average of Turkey it is constantly growing, developing. The realization of such a beautiful project in Gaziantep under the TOKI employer makes me happy as a Gaziantep citizen. ”


Muharrem Balat, who informed that mass housing construction will start in the coming days, gave the following information in his statement: “As Baltaş Construction, we will start the construction of Umut Mahallesi Mass Housing in the coming days. The project will be completed in approximately 1.5 – 2 years. Indoor construction area is 100 thousand m 2 and 30 thousand m 2 & nbsp; & nbsp; The project to be realized on the land area will be made with an earthquake resistant tunnel formwork system. “

In his statement, Balat emphasized that MB Holding Construction Group has completed all the projects it has undertaken so far completely, on time and with the highest quality, and completed his statement as follows: ” MB Holding has repeatedly proved its expertise and success in the construction sector with more than 45 years of experience It successfully continues many projects outside the provincial borders as well as in the province of Gaziantep. he said.